Birthhaus Klara Pölzl and house where Alois Hitler grew up (6)
Location: Main road in Spital. House number 37 (the blue house) is the house of the Pölzl family. House number 36 (the yellow house) was the house of Johann Nepomuk Hiedler, where Alois Hitler lived.
Today: One of the houses still stands, the other one has been renovated.
The great-grandfather of Hitler, Martin Hüttler, lived in Walterschlag. He moved to Spital. Later, the father and mother of Adolf Hitler lived here in two houses next to eachother. The house on the right is the house where Alois Hitler grew up, the left one is the house of Klara Pölzl. Adolf went to Spital on different occasions, for instance in 1905 when he recovered from an illness. It is also said that Hitler was in Spital in 1917 and 1918 for a short leave during the first World War, but that’s not true. There’s not much direct family of Hitler alive today, but there still must be a lot of offspring of the Pölzl and Hitlerfamily in Austria. The halfbrother of Adolf, Alois moved to England. He had a son called William Patrick. William Patrick had four sons in America. One of them isn’t alive anymore and it is said that the other three don’t want to have children... They live somewhere in America under the name of their mother.


An old picture of both houses, with on the left Klara’s house and on the right Alois’ house  
A closer look at Alois house
The village of Spital today (picture: used by permission, the Hitlerpages, 2009)
The village of Spital in 1950 (pictures: LIFE-magazine, 1950)
The houses of the family of Hitler in 1950 (pictures: LIFE-magazine, 1950)
Spital today
(picture: used by permission, the Hitlerpages, 2009)
The house where Alois Hitler lived is still there. (picture: used by permission, the Hitlerpages, 2009)
The blue house is the one where Klara Pölzl lived. It was renovated. It has an extra floor to it.
(picture: JS, 2014)
The yellow house is the house where Alois Hitler lived.  
(picture: JS, 2014)
Area the Hitler family came from (1), (2), (3)
Location: Above the Ottenstein Stausee, northeast of Zwettl is the place where Döllersheim used to be. In the triangle between Zwettl, Horn and Allentsteig are military training grounds.

Today: The church and graveyard of Döllersheim have been restored.
Maria Anna Schicklgruber married Johan Georg Hielder (son of Martin and probably the grandfather of Adolf) in Döllersheim. In 1938 Adolf Hitler gave the order to change the region, including the birthground of his father and the grave of his grandmother, into military training grounds. Villages were wiped of the map. Was it because of the speculations about the origin of his grandfather?


Right: The town of Döllersheim, as it was  Centre: The cemetery of the town before 1911 Right: The cemetery in the 80’s


Höbarth Museum (4)
Location: Wiener Strasse 4
Today: Still there
In this museum are some belongings of Maria Anna Schicklgruber, that were taken from a house in Strones (house 13).


This closet belonged to Maria Anna Schicklgruber, Hitler’s grandmother.


Pfarrhaus Rastenfeld
Location: Village on the 38/37 road, between Zwettl and Krems. Near the military training grounds. Exact location unknown

In this village near Döllersheim there was a Katholic Pfarrhaus. There were documents found of the church of Döllersheim that mention the father of Adolf Hitler.
The house in Rastenfeld where documents about Alois Hitler were found


Place of birth of Stephan Hiedler (9)
Location: It’s southwest of Spital and west of Zwettl. (Another village called Walterschlag is nearer to Zwettl, to the northwest.)
An ancestor of Adolf Hitler, Stephan Hiedler, was born in Walterschlag in 1672.


Graveyard (7)
Location: At the church in the centre of the small village

Today: Still there
Several family members of the Pölzl and Hitler family were buried here.


An old undated picture of the grave-yard in Spital (picture: Zdral, 2006)

The graveyard today (picture: used by permission, the Hitlerpages, 2009)

The graveyard in 1950 still had the same cross on it. (picture: LIFE-magazine, 1950)

The cross was moved, but it is still there today. (picture: used by permission, the Hitlerpages, 2009)
A stone of remembrance for the soldier Gottfried Hütler, who died in 1942. Hitler’s family name was often spelled like this.
(picture: LIFE-magazine, 1950)
The same grave on the same spot is refered to as the grave of Anton Stütz by LIFE-magazine.
(picture: LIFE-magazine, 1950)

This is said to have been the grave of the Pölzl family, the family of Adolf Hitler’s mother. (picture: Zdral, 2006)

The same location today. The grave has gone. (picture: used by permission, the Hitlerpages, 2009)
One of the graves in 2009 (picture: used by permission, the Hitlerpages, 2009)
The graveyard today (picture: JS, 2014)
Family grounds of the Hitler family (8)
Location: Strones is not on the map anymore, but was near Döllersheim.

Today: After the war only the ruïns of the village were left. What is still there is unsure.
As birthplace of Hitler’s father, Alois, are mentioned Döllersheim and Strones. Strones was a little village near Döllersheim. Together with other places in the area it was whiped of the map. Belongings of Maria Anna Schicklgruber, Adolf Hitler’s grandmother, were taken from a house in Strones. They are now in a museum in Horn.
The ruïns of Strones


The places on this page are related to Hitler’s ancestors, that came from Niederösterreich. Some of the places were ruïned after Hitler’s order to turn the area of Döllersheim into

military training grounds. Hitler visited

the village of Spital several times.      

1.- 3. Döllersheim

4. Horn

5. Rastenfeld

6. Family houses, Spital

7. Graveyard, Spital

8. Strones

9. Walterschlag




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